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Breast Pillow Descansa


‘When I was recovering from breast cancer, I craved complete comfort.

That’s why I invented the breast cancer pillow Descansa.’

- Ilse Rubio, Inventor and Founder of Descansa Breast Pillow

Breast cancer Pillow is perfect for recovery from breast cancer treatments or surgeries. The fitted openings help reduce pressure on breasts, now you are able comfortably lay on your stomach while you breasts are pressure free.


The breast cancer pillow cradles you in soft, luxurious comfort.

Try it and see how good you feel.

The most common surgeries associated with breast cancer, lumpectomy and mastectomy and radiation treatments cause the breasts to be very sensitive. It is difficult, if not impossible, to lay on your stomach for several months after procedures.

breast cancer pillow

Get relief from discomfort while : watching TV, relaxing in bed, reading, sleeping or during a massage.

Women who have used breast cancer pillow say :

“I had a lumpectomy and got an implant, things where not the same when I wanted to lay on my stomach, with breast cancer pillow now I’m comfortable when I rest in my favorite position. ”    - Pamela

“The pillow is perfect for me, my Mastectomy was a year ago and I have not been able to sleep on my stomach, now I’m comfortable when do. Thank you Descansa.” – Doreen

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How to choose the breast cancer pillow size that’s right for you


The pillow size is determined by size bra cup you wear
Small-Medium pillow       Fits bra Cup AA to C    15 x 10 x 3in
Large -XLarge pillow       Fits bra Cup C plus and above    17 x 11 x 3in

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