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Comfort Breast Cancer pillow for recovery and support
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Breast Cancer Pillow are a perfect Comfort for women recovering from lumpectomy and mastectomy or other breast cancer surgeries. Simply place your breasts into the fitted openings to reduce discomfort on your breast, while you lay in a prone position

Bring breast cancer survivors high-quality memory foam pillows to provide maximum relaxation after your breast cancer treatments.

Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and comfortable while you lay on your stomach. Comfort breast cancer pillows alleviate your breast pain. Use Breast Cancer Pillows, the perfect cancer recovery pillow for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Ilse Rubio, inventor and founder of Descansa Breast Cancer Pillow, invented the best one of a kind breast pillows while she was recovering from her breast cancer treatments. During her recovery, she desired a pillow that would support her chest and make her feel the best comfort in a prone position while having the breasts protected.

Women recovering from breast cancer, who love using Descansa Breast Cancer Pillows, have said:

“I had a lumpectomy and got an implant, things where not the same when I wanted to lay on my stomach, with breast cancer pillow now I’m comfortable when I rest in my favorite position.” –Pamela

“The breast cancer pillow is perfect for me, my Mastectomy was a year ago and I have not been able to sleep on my stomach, now I’m comfortable when do. Thank you Descansa.”—Doreen

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Breast Cancer Pillows increase your comfort level, while you recover.It guarantees to bring you newness and warmth. 

Breast Cancer Pillow Top View Descansa Breast Cancer Pillow is presenting a second version of our large-xlarge breast pillow. The new pillow is 2 inches wider on both sides to provide you with the comfort you deserve. Our latest version is not only wider but also softer. The pillow’s is now made of a high density quality memory foam top. It’s even smoother than before. Not to mention, the pillow now has a gliding edge specifically aimed to support your abdominal region.

Breast cancer pillow

The most common surgeries associated with breast cancer, such as lumpectomy and mastectomy or breast cancer radiation treatments, can cause the breasts to be very sensitive and feel very tender. As a result, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for females to lie on their stomach for several months after breast cancer treatments. Do not let yourself feel pain, discomfort or uneasiness from lying on your stomach. Use comfort breast cancer pillow for  recovery.


Experience comfort and security while watching television, relaxing in bed, reading a book, sleeping, or receiving a massage in a prone position


Find the perfect Descansa Breast Cancer Pillow size for you.

         The breast cancer pillow size is determined by the cup size of your bra
Small-Medium  Fits  Cups  AA to B  15  x  10  x  3.0 in  5.0 in. in diameter
Large -XLarge  Fits  Cups C+  17  x  11  x 3.0 in  6.5 in. in diameter
Large -XLarge New Version  Fits Cups C+  20  x 12  x  3.5 in  6.5 in. in diameter

When you buy our Descansa products, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to help individuals fight breast cancer.

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Comfort Breast Cancer Pillow  by Descansa

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